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Daniel will lead you through a 45 minute Pilates session ideal for completing at home. As one of our regular instructors, this session will be accesible for all abilities, aimed at improving and strengthening your posture, as well as developing flexibility to aid relaxation.

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How to Look After Yourself When Working From Home

Tom Quantrell is a physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience helping people of all ages and abilities function better. Tom combines his experience of working in elite international sports, private practice and the NHS to run the Physioteq Physiotherapy and sports injury clinic at the University Sports Centre.

Video 1: Ergonomics of the kitchen table - Advice and ideas for the new office!  A short video to look at the potential pitfalls and possible ideas and strategies to prevent problems when working from home.

Video 2: Don’t just sit there, move! - Strategies and advice to deal with a stiff back and neck. Some basic exercises to counteract the hours of sitting and inactivity at home. Exercises to address a stiff lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

Yoga Flow with Daisy

Our regular Yoga instructor Daisy will guide you throuh a 45 minute session which will include a series of postures, internal dynamics and breathing techniques, encouraging a deeper understanding and control of your body and mind.

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Maintaining Motivation During Lockdown

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Description automatically generatedHelen Davis is a Chartered Sport Psychologist and Director of think.believe.perform, a sport psychology consultancy based in Cambridge, but works with athletes all over the world.

Her experience varies from working in a wide range of sports with recreational athletes to National, European, World and Paralympic Champions.

Since 23 March, lockdown in the United Kingdom has meant extreme changes and athletes have been forced to significantly alter their training and competition routines. Naturally when so much is changing around us, maintaining motivation levels can be challenging. Given the uncertainty, Helen will help you learn more about your motivation through discussing the 3Cs which are sources of motivation. She will give you ways to keep connected to your purpose and use goals, focus and strengths to maintain motivation using examples of her work with athletes in sport.

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Get involved in Bike Month!


Love to Ride is gearing up for Bike Month  and you're invited! Bike Month is a fun competition where everyone can take part. You can ride on your own or use a group or workplace profile to support your friends and colleagues to ride and stay healthy, even when we're apart and riding on our own. In these unusual times, riding a bike can boost our immunity and help us get around safely.


With a group profile, you can compete (in a friendly way) against other groups to see who can ride the most miles/days on the monthly leaderboards. Each group can have as many members as you like and will compete against other groups of a similar size.


To get involved go to and click ‘Register’ at the top of the page (or login if you took part in previous challenges). You can easily connect with Strava, MapMyRide or Endomondo and log your rides automatically.