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Festival of Wellbeing


10.00am - 11.00am


Racketball is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports.

With many similarities to squash, racketball uses a larger ball and a shorter racket, leading to longer rallies and easier hand-eye coordination.

Racketball is said to be, "Easy to learn yet difficult to master", so come and give it a try!

Led by Head Squash Coach, James Powley.

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10.00am - 11.55am

CADMuS - Wheelchair Basketball

(Cambridge Adult Disability Multi Sport Club)

The CADMuS Club provides participants with a safe and fun sporting experience run by qualified coaches. The Club meets every Saturday 10am - 12pm.

With a focus towards disability participants, places are limited. But come along, join in with the disability sport members, take a turn and have a go!

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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11.15am - 12noon

Squash Taster

Squash is a fun activity for everyone incorporating fitness, agility, dynamic movements and skills.

It’s a fun and dynamic way to get fit, improve muscle definition and a great way to meet like-minded people!

Led by Head Squash Coach, James Powler.

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