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Boardroom, Institute of Continuing Education

Time to Write with Midge Gillies

Do you have a secret desire to express yourself in words – beyond a tweet, a text message or an email? Or have you ever found yourself lost in a memoir, a novel or a short story?


This informal workshop will explore the joys of writing and reading. We will look at ways to kick-start your own creative writing and how to make good writing part of your daily routine.

Limited places

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Boardroom, Institute of Continuing Education

Beginner French with Francine

Voulez-vous apprende le français. If the answer is yes! Come and enjoy a brief introduction to the romantic language of our cousins on the continent.

There is also the option to attend a French meal afterwards- oooh la la!- please let me know when you book and I will send further details.

Why is beginner French part of the Wellbeing Festival? Well, aside from being an interesting thing to do, learning a new language, even in adulthood may benefit the ageing brain. This is from a 2014 study carried out by Dr Thomas Bak into the effects of bilingualism on the brain. Dr Ellen Bialystok goes further in her paper of this year and adds that “older individuals who speak more than one language have better cognitive performance and a later onset- around 4 to 5 years- of dementia than their monolingual peers".

Limited places

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Corpus Christi College

Tour of Parker Library, Corpus Christi College

Meet Librarian Fellow Christopher de Hamel for a tour of the Parker Library and its precious manuscripts, followed by a tour of the College Chapel with Dean, James Buxton.

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Madingley Hall, Institute of Continuing Education

Wildlife tour of Madingley Hall Grounds with Ed Turner

See the beautiful grounds of Madingley Hall from a different perspective. Who lies hidden within the trees, flowers and hedges? Let Dr Ed Turner be your guide to the wondrous world of wildlife within our gardens.

Limited places

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University of Cambridge Sports Centre


Station-based exercise class using work intervals of 50 seconds. Body weight exercises and

an assortment of fitness equipment including dumbbells, super bands, swiss balls, kettlebells and much more will be used! Great all round class which improves muscular and aerobic endurance.

Booking opens: 8.00am on 02/07/16

How to book and additional information here


University of Cambridge Sports Centre


A yoga class, which via a series of postures, internal dynamics and breathing techniques encourages a deeper understanding and control of the physical body.

Booking opens: 8.00am on 21/06/16

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