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Monday 22nd

Tuesday 23rd

Mindfulness: Self-kindness Through an Understanding of Human Needs 

Dr Elizabeth English

Session One

Session Two

Monday 22nd

Meaningful Connections: Supporting Our Well-being and Performance at Work 

Jonathan Taylor - Pearn Kandola

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Thursday 25th

Let’s Talk About Well... Being In A Pandemic

Dr Hisham Ziauddeen

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Friday 26th

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Menopause But Were Afraid to Ask! 

Dr Susanna Unsworth

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Ani Pema Deki

How to Develop Kindness For the Benefit of All

Emma Slade, also known as Ani Pema Deki, is a British yoga and meditation teacher, an author and founder and CEO of the charity "Opening Your Heart to Bhutan."  Join Emma's talk which focuses on what needs to change to develop more kindness in our lives.

This talk was originally shown during Mental Health Awareness Week in May 

Watch here

Dr Elizabeth English

The Mindful Puppy Diaries 


The Mindful Puppy Diaries give you a taste of mindfulness alongside the glorious magic of newly born puppies. As we watch them grow in their first eight weeks, they not only bring fun and craziness, but many mindful moments, too. Tune in for a fresh taste of mindfulness and invigorate your mindful meditations with the delicious wonder of small things carrying wise messages.


Episode 1  |  Episode 2  | Episode 3  |  Episode 4 


Dr Giles Yeo

Cooking with Giles 

Join Dr Giles Yeo as he shows how to cook his "high impact low effort" dish of crispy aromatic duck with pancakes.

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Great St Mary's Church

Words and Music from the University Church

A daily ten-minute time of inspirational words and meditative music in the setting of the beautiful and historic University Church of Great St Mary's, suitable for people of any faith or none. With a combination of music, still photography and video from inside the building and from the tower.

Readings by the Reverend Canon Adrian Daffern  

Monday 22nd : Philip Larkin, An Arundel Tomb, in Collected Poems (ed. Thwaite), London: Faber and Faber, 1988

Tuesday 23rd : Ben Okri, A Wedding Prayer, in Wild, London: Rider, an imprint of Ebury, 2012

Wednesday 24th : Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows, London : Methuen, 1908

Thursday 25th : Carol Ann Duffy, The Beauty of the Church, in Ritual Lighting: Laureate Poems, London : Picador (Pan Macmillan), 2014

Friday 26th : W. H. Auden, O Tell Me the Truth about Love, in Selected Poems (Revised Edition) (ed. Mendelson), London: Faber and Faber, 2009

Great St Mary's Church

Compline at 9pm


Close the day with a brief spoken service of Compline, or Night Prayer, streamed live by University Church clergy & staff each weeknight at 9pm.

Linked in Wearning

Linked In Learning Wellbeing Resources


An introduction to wellbeing and wellness resources available in LinkedIn Learning.

Access the programmes here

Lucy Cavendish Singers

The Lucy Cavendish Singers

Since their first public concert in 2009, the Lucy Cavendish Singers have been capturing the hearts and minds of audiences with their vibrant performances and imaginative programmes. The varied musical background of the individual singers supports a wide-ranging repertoire from jazz and traditional music to classical pieces.

Watch or listen to the performances here

Lucy Cavendish College

' The New Normal ' with the Reverend Canon Adrian Daffern

College Fellow The Reverend Canon Adrian Daffern offers his wisdom and insight as we all find our ‘new normal’.

Filmed in May, you can catch up here

Madingley Hall

Madingley Hall Garden

Take ' A restful stroll through Madingley Hall Garden ' with Head Gardener, Richard Gant  
Credit: Filming and editing by Colm Sheppard

Read - Growing Health and a Zest for Gardening, a short paper from Caroline Holmes a lecturer at the ICE Virtual Summer Festival of Learning



Effective Meetings

Are you fed up with ineffective meetings? Join us for some top tips on running effective meetings in both a face-to-face and remote environment.

The ourcambridge team have developed a guide and toolkit for the delivery of more effective and efficient meetings across the University.

Watch here  

University Counselling Service

How to Manage Anxiety

Two University student counsellors in conversation about anxiety, its symptoms, an evolutionary perspective of the fight/flight response, how our thoughts affect our physiology and ways we can support ourselves when feeling anxious.

Watch here