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Festival of Wellbeing


11.00am - 12noon

Perfectionism vs Healthy Striving

'Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well'

This talk will introduce psychological theories of perfectionism and some of its pernicious consequences, and consider healthier alternatives. The session will be facilitated by Dr Jan van Niekerk, Clinical Psychologist.

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2.00pm - 3.00pm

The Secret Life of Books: University Library Tour

Take a tour of the University Library and discover its 600-year history and famous architecture.

Look behind the scenes and learn about its role as a Legal Deposit (copyright) library.

All tours will include a visit to the Reading Room, closed access book storage areas and the Legal Deposit department.

This tour is also available on the 16th, 19th & 26th June.

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5.30pm - 6.30pm

Work, Resilience and Mental Health

Professor Dame Carol Black

With the Mental Health Foundation reporting that depression affects 1 in 4 people Professor Dame Carol Black explores approaches for developing personal resilience in the context of the workplace.

‘Good work’ is seen as positive, promoting resilience and enhancing mental and physical health. There is growing recognition of the impact of staff health, wellbeing and resilience upon business performance, productivity, and quality of service.

Stress, anxiety and depression are major reasons for employees to take sick leave, and individuals with mental health problems form a large proportion of those who suffer from ‘presenteeism’ (at work but not performing to full capacity).

The relationship between empowering leadership and good line management, and the mental health and resilience of employees, cannot be over-emphasised.  Many employers, and indeed governments, are coming to see its importance and its effect on staff engagement and productivity.

These and related matters are the topics to be covered in the talk.

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